Top Facts To Know About Medicaid And The PPACA

It’s been a confusing endeavor to figure out how we should be insured. It is an even worse scenario for those with Medicaid. So, what is the expansion of Medicaid and how does it effect you? Well, it can be complicated but we are going to cover a few of the most pertinent facts here so you can form an educated opinion.

This is an infographic that was published by the American Medical Association and the Kaiser Family Foundation. This is what we will be explaining here.


Point one: 22 million more adults that are not insured will be covered during the expansion.

Point Two: Under this expansion—Medicaid will cover those who make 139% of the poverty line. In simple terms—you would have to make less that $25,535 a year and this is for a family of three. This currently accounts for 54% of the nation’s uninsured families.


Point Three: The rate of coverage will change from where it is currently. Right now, this is who Medicaid covers.

  1.  1. One of five people who are not elderly.
  2.  2. Two of five impoverished adults.
  3.  3. One of three children


Point Four: The ten year forecast is this. 90% of the costs of the Medicaid expansion will be covered by the federal government. In 2016 it will cover 100% of the costs and after that year—the federal government will cover 90%.

It is also important to note that states that opt into the Medicaid expansion program can opt out if they so choose. There is a lot for each state to consider which is why the federal government is not interfering in the choice that each individual state makes. They have stated they can hang on it for as long as they want to. It is up to each state when to join and if they want to join at all. If something should change in that state’s dynamic then they can simply decide to withdraw.

What the polls say about American opinion:

According to the latest Kaiser health tracking poll Americans were for the Medicaid expansion but that support went south when they were questioned about their feelings in their home states. 43% admitted they would rather the coverage remain what it is currently.

It is also the opinion of not only the nation but hospital CEO’s and their respective administrations that the PPACA will only complicate an already taxed and exhausted system. They contend that as the program expands coverage to those that may not have had the chance—it also missed points that are too countless to mention. Meaning that it doesn’t begin to touch the major issues that the nation’s health care system faces and will face as the population grows larger and unfortunately—if the economy does not recover—get’s poorer.

Phyllis Kentleton

Phyllis Kentleton is a professional copywriter and web content creator with a former medical background as a Certified Nursing Assistant and a specialization in Alzheimer's and Dementia care. She owns a Facebook community that supports writers and artists in the state of Florida.