How To Increase Endorphins to Reduce Back Pain

Endorphins are a chemical released by the body that block pain receptors. Endorphins are the body’s self producing pain medicine. How do we natural increase the release of endorphins to reduce back pain? Here are a few simple things you can do to release endorphins that you can do today.

Laughter releases endorphins. When was the last time you laughed really hard? Is there a friend who always makes you laugh? You can rent some funny movies and get your laugh on too. My personal favorites are anything with Will Ferrell. Anchorman, Old School, Kicking and Screaming are a few of his gut-busting masterpieces. Of course you could always go with Austin Powers or any Chris Farely movie such as Tommy Boy, Black Sheep, or Beverly Hills Ninja. Never underestimate the power of the mood.

Other ways to get your jowls jiggling are to find a local comedy club and see some stand up. Two great resources to find shows near you are www.ticketmaster.com and www.stubhub.com. My suggestion is to eat before hand, most comedy clubs serve fried food which is not going to help reduce back pain. Also, plan on drinking water or juice because soda and alcohol increases acidity in your body and contributes to chronic joint and muscle pain. Sorry to be the fun police by I have to keep it real. When it comes to living pain free, we have to call a spade a spade.

Another great way to find your inner giggle is to take a laughter yoga class. These are popping up all over the place and people are loving them. Both young people and older people are taking these classes to feel better and increase their stress release consequently reducing their back pain. Laughter is contagious, you will be surprised how much fun you have at these classes. Here is a website that will allow you to find the studios near you http://www.yogajournal.com/directory/. Regular yoga classes also release endorphins. Consult with the instructor about any injuries you have before taking a class.

Another great way to release natural endorphins is taking a walk or going for a bike ride. You can find other people that are walking and biking on www.meetup.com with a social networking site that allows you to find people that have similar interests.

The good news is there are delicious foods that increase release of endorphins. Make sure you choose the non-processed organic versions of these foods so you do not take steps backwards in your quest for health and wellbeing. Sweet potatoes and chocolate (which comes from cacao) both release endorphins. Look for raw chocolate at your local health food store or order some online. One brands I recommend is Gnosis Chocolate. You can make your own raw chocolate with organic raw cacao powder, coconut oil, cinnamon, almond butter, and honey (cinnamon is also helps reduce inflammation). You can also cook your own organic sweet potatoes at home. Search for vegan recipes online. Some ideas include sweet potato fries, pancakes, soups, or a good old baked potato.

Try out some of these easy endorphin releasing tips and build some positive momentum. Just by reading this article you are already empowering yourself to take control of your pain and live free. Natural health has so many wonderful ways to heal. My hope is you choose the holistic path and avoid the addictive pain medicines and fear based methods of pain management prevalent in western medicine. In my life, as I adopted a healthy mindset and holistic lifestyle, my chronic pain became  a thing of the past.

Shannon Yrizarry

Shannon Yrizarry is a health and wellness professional who was healed from chronic back pain in 2003 after studying the mind-body connection. She went on to study the physical and mental benefits of yoga and now teaches classes and workshops in Southern California. She has also worked as an organic health consultant and writes about how to eat a clean whole foods diet incorporating gluten-free, raw, and dairy free options.