How Yoga can Prevent and Treat Back Pain

We can learn to respect and nurture our bodies with the natural techniques of yoga stretches, positions, and relaxation methods. Yoga is a good exercise for stress and pain release, harmonizing the mind and body and soul as one. In the moments when there is any distress in the body, yoga can be a sanctuary to accept or to develop. Take yoga into your lifestyle and discover that it is possible to release aversion, fear and pain. In yoga there is a caring approach to pain, and instead of running away from it, be curious about your pain. You will find that, while pain may not be optional, how you deal with it is. Our inner balance and well-being can be restored. When we give in to resistance and allow it to flow, you can experience that pain is no longer intimidating or unbearable.

No one would suggest that learning to exercise or walk or go about your daily tasks when suffering pain is easy. However, gently introducing your body to simple exercises of breathing, stretching, mobilizing and relaxation is a positive action, and important to restoring balance and overcoming pain. Meditation can also be a spiritual or psychological practice. Sometimes we are overwhelmed with the intensity of pain. It seems almost impossible to detach ourselves from it and focus on something simple such as breathing in time to a repetitive sound. When our heart-rate has calmed and feels more balanced, it is time to return our attention to the pain in the body and back.

In yoga, breathing and meditation find a serene inner peace and balance of the body and mind as one and is a great achievement signaling strength. When you work with your pain through yoga, you can begin to accept and embrace it. Once accepted, you are then able to release the pain and not hold onto it, making way for harmony and strength.

Yoga can be fun, sociable or peaceful. It soon stops becoming a beginners chore and, once you are consistently in a daily routine, a better quality of life is achievable.

Yoga poses for posture and the pelvic area are ideal to start with. Learning to have good posture is essential for a healthy spine and back. Once you know it is fine to go ahead with yoga (after discussing it with your doctor), refer to my breathing exercises article, before going onto the savasana pose. For this pose, lie on your back, then progress to the cat stretch, leading to a reclined twist and the dog, the child pose and the bridge. There are so many programmes in yoga to follow, but the ones I have mentioned here and in the breathing exercises are ideal for beginners with back pain problems. Attend a Yoga class when you are ready to progress from these simple stretching yoga moves.

Karen Emma Hall

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