How Meditation Can Prevent and Treat Back Pain

Chronic pain and ongoing lower back pain can be both physically and psychologically draining. Those who suffer pain might find themselves facing not only stress, but also depression. Stress lowers your pain tolerance level, so yoga and relaxation techniques are a must for releasing stress and tension. I think it is so important in healing yourself to have good focus, time and space to yourself. Breathing and exercise stretches should be followed with a cool down relaxation routine. In some cases outside help with chronic pain might be the key, along with relaxation meditating sessions such as hypnosis or neurostructural integration therapy.

Meditation is a mind-body relaxation exercise used to attain a state of quiet contemplation, which brings about physical and mental peace. The reduction of anxiety, lowering of blood pressure and slowing of the metabolism, can bring an increase your body’s pain threshold. Practicing yoga, and the repetition or chanting of a word or phrase can induce a meditative state.

Hypnosis can be used to distract people from pain or change their perception of pain. Those suffering chronic pain could try hypnosis as a form of distraction. For others, hypnosis can help reduce the dosage of their medication and clear their minds. It can also numb areas of the body where milder pain is experienced, like in the lower back.

Wide studies have been carried out over time with people suffering from pain and arthritis. Those who were active in meditation and hypnosis coped with their illness with less pain, less depression than those who had not undertaken these techniques. Managing your pain requires an ongoing effort. People who make an effort to control and manage their pain fare better than those who do not.

Gentle hands can restore your back health.

Have your muscles and lower back pains melt away with a soothing touch instead of dynamic rougher actions. There is a fairly new natural technique becoming popular for relieving pain in the body, including back pain. It’s called neurostructural integration therapy, or NST for short. NST is practiced by qualified health care professionals.

NST is an effective bodywork technique, a sequence of special moves to the body that, when applied, initiate a process of natural auto-regulation to occur in the spinal column and throughout the body. When manipulation of the soft tissue is applied to the lower back, upper back, neck, limbs and abdomen the result can be rapid. Pain reduction and pain elimination can be achieved. A feeling of increased energy and a balanced sense of well being also occurs. This method of action allows the body to carry out its functions naturally the way it was designed to.

NST uses gentle moves on specific muscle points on the body, carried out in a systematic way. This assists the energy flow and vibrations between these points. The body is then better able to communicate between its various tissues, muscles and organs. Rather than using force, it uses a cross fibre maneuver of these points, with varying pressure and varying rest periods.

Treatment can be applied directly on the skin or through clothing.

It is wonderful to think, and quite magic in a way, how the body can use these natural methods for better results in achieving a pain free back and a pain free life. When pain is a thing of the past, your lifestyle has transformed, where enjoyment is brought back into it in abundance. We must believe we can work with our pain to release it and let it go.

Karen Emma Hall

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