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Exercise Layers for Back Pain for 30’s and 40’s

So why would we have certain exercises for people over 40? A back is a back isn’t it? Well the answer is yes and no. Yes we all are born with the same back but, there are layers of degeneration which takes place in the decades preceding the 4th decade. So here we will touch on what exercises you as a 30 something should be doing and as a 40 something. There are simple exercises here that you can do in any variation you like and we will tell you why you are doing each one.

In your 30’s

Once you reach your 30’s something most people are working and stop keeping the body in shape as a well oiled machine. And we mean this quite literally because if you don’t keep the gears limber this is how the muscles tighten and stiffen. We are made to be in perpetual motion by nature and the modern age has taken us right out of it. So the exercises you do in your 30’s will dictate your back health in your 40’s and beyond.

The 30 something focus:

In actual fact, it’s in your 20’s that you begin but our focus is a bit older. In your 30’s back strength will be the key to success for your 40’s and beyond. When it comes to the back, there is no room for saying “I’ll cross that bridge when we come to it”. It takes years of strength training to ensure a perfect back.

Exercise focus for 30’s up to your 40’s:

Strengthening and stretching is the focus in this decade. If you want a good piece of equipment for a full back stretch and strengthen get a large exercise ball. Lay over it front ways and rock back and forth so the ball is rolling long ways from chest to hips. Then turn over and lay back and keep it there until you can’t hold it any longer. You should be in an arch position with arms over your head. No ricking needed. The ball will stretch the back on its own.

Yoga is also something to be practiced as well as Pilates to strengthen the core muscles of the stomach and torso that support the back muscles. If you practice all of the aforementioned exercise movements your core strength will help to prevent the 40 something injuries from happening.

If it’s too late and you are in the 40 something back ache stage:

There is hope for you too. As long as you have not had a bad back injury with ruptures in the discs then you can actually practice just those three exercises regularly to make sure you go into midlife without further injury. Just keep in mind back safety and lift from the knees and don’t play sports or choose a career at this age which will cause bad back injury and you’ll have great back and overall health well into the future.

Phyllis Kentleton

Phyllis Kentleton is a professional copywriter and web content creator with a former medical background as a Certified Nursing Assistant and a specialization in Alzheimer's and Dementia care. She owns a Facebook community that supports writers and artists in the state of Florida.