The Ancient Remedy of Fasting

When your body does not have enough water it becomes dehydrated, and dehydration can affect joints and bones and those with lower back pain. It is a bit like an unoiled rusty hinge or a blocked stream. If there is no fluidity then their is no movement. To force a movement after it has stayed in the same position without fluid can result in difficulties. Problems occur in the stream. It dries up, the rusty hinge creaks and groans and is stiff. The same will happen to the bones and joints in your back, in the sense that they will dry up and stiffen, and when movement is made this can cause pain. Drinking approximately 8 to 10 cups of water a day is essential to keep the fluidity of movement going without pain.

If you suffer from health issues, you could consider looking at the old practice of fasting.

Fasting was used in the past to address all kinds of problems. It is natures way of cleansing and allowing the body time during the fast to heal. It is the abstinence of food over a period of time. Drinking water very regularly is paramount during fasting, even when on a juice fast.

When your body processes food, it is using the energy to digest, but when it does not have to work hard to digest then it can use its energy to heal. The body is always looking for something to burn fuel to change to energy for the body. If it runs out of sources, it will turn to fatty cells. Then it turns to sick and damaged cells! This is an amazing display of the natural healing process. The body starts getting well, looking and feeling better simply because the old cells are used to build new, or are eliminated from the body.

If fasting is too hard to accomplish, even though cravings go away after a period of time has elapsed, then try a vegetable smoothie juice fasting method. The joyful sensations experienced with the juice fasting is a way to take control back to yourself, control over eating disorders, cravings, and your appetite. When ridding the body of toxins you will cease to crave foods that have a hold over you. A good diet is easy achievable after fasting as the cravings and even addictions are no longer present. Carrot or a green veg smoothie made for fasting can be enjoyed as well as bringing about pain relief and healing. Unless you have extreme nutrition deficiencies, fasting is safe if looked into and talked over again with a health professional or under supervision of a nutritionist.

Fasting can be an alternative to more traditional medicine for pain relief. It is especially helpful to arthritis and joint sufferers, and is an alternative form of pain relief for back pain sufferers.

Within three days of fasting the body naturally rids itself of toxins. This in turn leads to diminished pain episodes.

Combining fasting with a skin exfoliation routine improves arthritis symptoms, improves skin appearance, and overall health. Pain subsides, and with a continued nutritional diet pain can be conquered.

Karen Emma Hall

I am a freelance writer, full time book lover, who loves everything to do with books, from writing and illustrating my own books, to reading and editing articles. My passion is in health and fitness, and especially enjoy natural health. I have just completed a series of stories for children that will be out soon, and you can find out how my progress goes on my blog here, and my twitter