Tips For Back Pain 40 yrs old

5 Points Of Back Pain Over 40 | Things You Need To Know and Do

Being over 40 and having back pain are synonymous with one another. There are things that are inherent with age—especially for those who weren’t very athletic in their 30’s. This is the point where certain body systems start playing up and we notice we are quite a bit different than we used to be. Here there are some facts about over 40’s and back pain that should be noted so you have a heads up on what’s going on in the body.

Point one: Thou shall get back pain: 

This is no new occurrence—since Adam and Eve folks mark their age by the groans they expel from an aching back—usually upon sitting up. And it normally takes them some time to actually do anything about it if they do at all.

Point Two: Be active and passive equally:

If you go any extreme one way or the other you are going to make back issues far worse. Exercise in moderation and also be sure not to maintain too sedentary a life either.

Point Three: Anti inflammatory are available: 

When it is a pain that you have to get through the day with. Advil and Nsaids are what the doctor ordered. You may find yourself on these kind of often so make sure you switch up a bit and try not to become to dependent on them for a long period of time. They have a tendency to be quite unfriendly to the stomach area.

Point Four: Journal your pain:

Over 40? Start a pain journal. There will be different triggers that cause the pain in than there were when you were 30 and report those patterns to your doctor.

Point Five: Get a proper diagnosis:

If the pain gets worse than usual or progressively worse—especially if it happens rapidly, it is essential that at that point in your life you are reacquainting your body at 40 and get a diagnosis. Several things can decline rapidly as you hit the big 40—your eyesight and your back.