3 Day Juice Cleanse to Reduce Back Pain

3 Day Juice Cleanse to Reduce Back Pain

Here is a very easy three day juice cleanse that you can use to reduce your back pain. First of all we are going to tell you why this works so you will be motivated to get to the end and get your results. Juice is a natural way to heal your body from the inside out. It is alkalizing which will lower your inflammation and clean out your filter organs (gallbladder, liver, pancreas and spleen). It’s going to help get the buildup off of your intestinal walls to give you somewhat of a body reset. It will help cleanse your taste buds of the addictive additives that make natural foods not taste good as well.

So let’s begin with how many juices you should be drinking each day and if you can (or should) have anything else. It’s a good idea to drink herbal tea with your juice cleanse. Ginger tea is a great option because it will help reduce inflammation. Pau D’Arco tea is another good one that can help reduce sugar cravings.

You should drink 3 juices everyday. Try to make them right before you drink them but if you need to make them all in the morning to save time that’s ok too. The exact order you drink the juices is not important and the exact amount is not either. Keep in mind that you may have emotional highs and lows throughout the cleanse and this is expected. It’s advised to do the cleanse over the weekend when you don’t have too much to do or lot’s of things to accomplish. Remember to drink water and herbal tea in between your juices.

Juice number 1 is very simple. It’s just black tuscan kale with green apple and ginger. This is a sweet juice that has a spice to it. The ginger and kale will help your digestion and help reduce inflammation. Green apple contains niacin and it may create a flush which is a redness in your skin and can be itchy. You should try this juice when you’re not at work to see if you have a reaction to it. The base for the juice is apple and you can plan on juicing 2-3 apples with about a third a bunch of kale. Use a small amount ginger at first so you can gauge how much spice you can handle. Also be sure to cut the core out of the apple before juicing it as there are trace amounts of arsenic in the seeds. Drink the first juice in the morning as a meal.

The second juice has a celery and cucumber base. Juice 3 stalks of organic celery and half an organic cucumber. These items need to be organic so you don’t consume harmful pesticides and so you get the full nutrient spectrum. You will need a lemon that is pealed and some carrots. Make sure to wash your produce before you juice it. Aim to have each juice be a full 16 oz cup so you get enough. If you can’t stand the flavor add apple but the carrot has some sweetness that will make it tasty. The lemon is a boost for your metabolism and will also help reduce inflammation. Celery is great for your cholesterol and cucumber contains magnesium which helps you sleep. Drink the second juice around lunch time as a meal.

The third drink is for your metabolism. You will add a teaspoon of cayenne pepper to make a spicy lemonade with peeled lemons, 4-5 red apples and 1-3 ounces of ginger. This spicy drink will heat up your body to make digestion easier and it will suppress your appetite. The minerals in cayenne will help curb your appetite as well. You can drink this throughout the day when you feel hungry. Drink the third drink around dinner time as a meal.

Please be aware that any time you do a detox or cleanse you can develop flu-like symptoms for a few days. This can include nausea, fatigue and generally just feeling under-the-weather. If you have trouble not eating anything (which some people do) try to just eat some steamed vegetables without anything on them. If you can’t afford to buy a juicer, there are cold pressed juices available at healthy grocery stores that you can use for the cleanse. They usually cost about 8 or 9 dollars per bottle so each day you would spend about $30 on juice for a total of $90. You could also locate a juice bar near you and get your juices there.

At the end of the day, if you want to modify the ingredients of the juices, that’s not a big deal but you will want to drink three of them a day and lots of water to flush your system. As you improve your digestion and inflammation, you should feel the changes in your body. Allow yourself to rest if you feel tired. After the cleanse try to gradually introduce solid foods as your stomach will have shrunk and you should start with organic orange juice and organic vegetable broth (low sodium). Do not eat very much when you stop your cleanse in the first day or you will get a major stomach ache! Eat soft foods to start and little amounts. Before starting the three day juice cleanse consult with your physician to see if this is right for you. Pregnant or nursing women are not advised to do the cleanse. This information is not meant to cure or prevent any serious condition nor is it intended to replace medical advice.

If you want to make your cleanse more effective, do some yoga stretching twice daily if possible to get your torso moving and to break up buildup in your intestines. If you can take some restorative yoga classes that would be advisable and there are great video of this for free on youtube. Keep in mind that you will feel some emotions pop up in this process as they are stored in the body’s cellular memory. If you expect these emotions to come up, they won’t surprise you. Some people become irritable on the second day as the hunger hits them so it’s best not to be around many people if possible. If you try to do this cleanse once a quarter, it can be a great addition to a healthy lifestyle that can help you stay healthy and reduce painful inflammation long term. If you just do the cleanse but still eat and drink unhealthy things without exercising, you probably won’t see much change. There is no magic bullet, just a set of habits that help harmonize your body and mind.

Shannon Yrizarry

Shannon Yrizarry is a health and wellness professional who was healed from chronic back pain in 2003 after studying the mind-body connection. She went on to study the physical and mental benefits of yoga and now teaches classes and workshops in Southern California. She has also worked as an organic health consultant and writes about how to eat a clean whole foods diet incorporating gluten-free, raw, and dairy free options.